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Welcome to Biofactor!

Effectively into the future

Sterile pharmaceuticals, made in Germany. With long years of expertise in the development and production of sterile pharmaceuticals and a steadily growing network, Biofactor has successfully produced and marketed pharmaceuticals of the highest quality and safety for 25 years. From person to person. Dependably. Sustainably. And worldwide.

The Story behind our story

At the time, no one could have imagined what was about to be set in motion here. In 1975, when the grandfather of today’s CEO Patrick Baudrexl, Dr. Milan Pešić, founded the Institute of Immunology and Thymus Research in Bad Harzburg, the world was not as globalised as it is today.

Dr. Pešić, a pioneer in stem and live cell research, laid the foundations of Biofactor. A company which, then as now, was driven by a single idea: to look boldly to the future.

This is why we at Biofactor are advancing steadily – and with the determination to constantly initiate something new. Because our goal is to become a pioneer in the distribution and export of pharmaceutical products with the ‘Made in Germany’ quality seal.

We are both a traditional family business and an innovative disruptor with the advantages of both worlds. Flat hierarchies and fresh ideas. Our state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production facility at Lyocontract, our affiliated company. A well-coordinated, highly qualified team. And, of course, a personal contact specially for you.Let’s talk.

Established Base, Aspiring to the Summit:
Effective action builds trust.

The sum of individual competences or:
a team with huge potential.

CEO Patrick Baudrexl

Representing the company’s third generation, Patrick Baudrexl has been CEO of Biofactor since 2020. He studied Business Administration at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and at Columbia University in the City of New York. He gained cross-industry experience with leading management consultancies Pricewaterhouse Coopers and KPMG – and is now “back in the family circle”. He is the driving force behind Biofactor. Manager. Ambassador. And your own personal contact.

Dr. Katrin Pešić

After studying human medicine at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, she worked for many years at the Tumour Centre there before moving to the Technical University in Munich. During the following years, she worked side by side with her father, Dr. Milan C. Pešić. In addition to thymus therapy, her main interest lay in autologous adult stem cells. This led the pair to found the Stem Cell Research and Therapy Centre in Bad Harzburg in 2008. She subsequently worked as a manager and expert in the pharmaceutical industry for the family-owned contract manufacturer Lyocontract in Ilsenburg. After the death of her father in 2014, Dr. Katrin Pešić took over the management of Biofactor until 2021.

The founder, Dr. Milan Pešić († 2014)

Dr. Milan Č. Pešic was a doctor and entrepreneur. Until his death in 2014 he managed the business of his companies Lyocontract in Ilsenburg, which he founded after selling his Vienenburg-based company Thymoorgan, and Biofactor in Bad Harzburg. Biofactor was founded in 1995 and he developed the company to a globally recognised exporter of fertility hormones. In order to ensure the highest quality and process standards he founded Lyocontract, a GMP and FDA-certified contract manufacturer, which manufactures Biofactor’s entire product portfolio. Despite his numerous entrepreneurial activities, he always remained a doctor and devoted his entire life to thymus research and therapy – and later also to stem cell research and therapy.
During the course of his life, he assumed numerous tasks as chairman or president of a wide variety of scientific organisations and published a large number of books, including on thymus therapy.

Dr. Helmut Wolf

After completing his chemistry studies at Munich Technical University, Helmut Wolf launched his industrial career in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients with the former Schering AG in Berlin. He built up his global network at its subsidiary Diamalt AG, holding down various positions of responsibility in Development to Production right through to responsible management roles including MBO. With its subsequent sale to American investors, he was able to further expand and refine his international experience.
Helmut Wolf has been a shareholder of our partner, Lyomark Pharma GmbH since 1994, and until 2017 was also its managing director. From 2017 to 2019 he assumed the role of managing director of our contract manufacturer, Lyocontract GmbH. With his expertise and extensive specialist knowledge of the development of active pharmaceutical agents and finished formulations he provides support for Biofactor GmbH through his company HW Pharmaconsulting, also acting as a consultant on the development of new products and international distribution.

Dr. Michael Klein

Michael Klein studied pharmacy and earned his doctorate in pharmaceutical technology at the University of Bonn. Based on his expertise he gained working experience in a contract lab and with a regulatory service provider, he founded mikle-pharm, providing scientific (CMC), regulatory (application procedures) and QP (batch release) services. Michael joined the Biofactor team for the Sugammadex project. He compiled the quality dossier, filed the applications for decentralised and centralised procedures and was main contact for all contractors and Agencies involved. During the procedures, he organised the activities in production and labs to address the issues raised in the various deficiency letters. After this successful co-operation, Michael Klein joined Biofactor as Head of Regulatory Affairs to support market access of approved products and strategies for future development.

From here and now into the world and into the future

Our business divisions

General anaesthesia

With hypnotics and analgesics, muscle relaxants are one of the three pillars of general anaesthesia. Targeted reversal is therefore equally important. Containing one of the most efficient reversal agents, our products offer an array of benefits that speak for themselves, from effective deployment to optimal patient experience. Together with our commercial products, we bundle all these benefits into dependable pharmaceutical products with the Made in Germany quality seal.

We control the entire process chain, from the choice of the active ingredients to production, right through to sales and export via our international distributors – and also maintain close contacts with all our partners. Cost-effectively, sustainably, and first and foremost, with a focus on application.
Let’s get in touch!

Fertility hormones

Biological in origin, pharmaceutically refined: at Lyocontract, our partner company, we manufacture finished products for a wide variety of hormonal stimulation applications. Naturally based, efficient, and with the Made in Germany quality seal. With nearly 15 years of production experience, we use proven processes – and of course, always in direct contact with you and our network of partners.If you want to find out more, you can contact us directly here.

The story continues. We are resuming the narrative to advance down new paths

With over 25 years of valuable experience and a steadily growing international network, we are continuing our success story with our sights on the long term. And in the Harz region, between mountains and forest, in the midst of an inspiring environment that constantly reminds us of the responsibility and vision underlying our work and never fails to spur us on –whether to develop our own, innovative pharmaceutical products or to distribute existing products worldwide. One thing is guaranteed: Biofactor works professionally, personally and its products are, naturally, “Made in Germany”.  

your German partner in Pharma expertise

You are welcome to come and visit – whatever the case, the Harz is always worth the trip.

Rudolf-Huch-Str. 14 38667 Bad Harzburg Germany
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You are welcome to come and visit – whatever the case, the Harz is always worth the trip.

Rudolf-Huch-Str. 14
38667 Bad Harzburg
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